Download qTest Resources Page


The Download qTest Resources page contains information for other qTest add-ons, integrations, and information about your API token(s). 

From the qTest Manager Project desktop, select the  Download qTest Resources icon. Select the heading name to expand the section. 

The page is segmented into the following sections:

  • QTest Explorer: provides links to installation and user guides for Desktop and Web Explorer
  • qTest Integration Browser Plugins: supplies download links for the qTest Integration Plugins for Chrome and Internet Explorer
  • CI Tool Integration: provides user guides and API tokens for the Integration with Jenkins and Bamboo
  • Test Automation Scheduling: contains user and installation guides for Test Automation Scheduling
  • Integration with Eggplant: provides user and installation guides as well as the API token for the Integration with Eggplant
  • API and SDK: contains user and installation guides as well as the API token for API, Java SDK, and .Net Framework SDK
  • Utilities: provides TestLink Test Case Conversion Tool information and download instructions


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