How do I troubleshoot JIRA connection?


If the connection between qTest Manager and JIRA fails, here are some common errors and solutions.  



qTest Manager JIRA connection dialog box displays Index:0, Size: 0 error message.

Ensure the JIRA account integrated with qTest Manager has JIRA System Administrator Global Permissions assigned to it. The account used for the integration must have permissions to create objects in JIRA that will be mapped to defects (e.g., issues, tasks, etc.).

qTest Manager JIRA connection dialog box displays Connection failed. Received fatal alert: bad_record_mac message.

This error message is displayed when this instance of JIRA uses SSL encryption. Please contact our support team at We will explore options with you to set up the integration while maintaining the security and integrity of the data in your JIRA instance.

On-Premise JIRA system crashes when setting up qTest for JIRA add-on

This error occurs when the JIRA On-Premise version is hosted by a 3rd party provider or hosting service, which will enact stricter timeout limits on record retrievals. We have packaged a separate connector that will resolve issues with this integration. Please contact us at and we will be happy to help you resolve this issue.

On-Premise JIRA to On-Premise qTest connection is successful, but cannot retrieve requirements into qTest

Reinstall qTest On-Premise.

Issue Connecting from On-Premise JIRA to On-Demand qTest

This error is usually due to incorrect firewall settings. Please open the firewall to the following IPs to allow qTest Manager to communicate with your On-Premise JIRA instance.

qTest Manager to JIRA integration fails due to "Invalid Credentials"

This error occurs when a customer uses a JIRA account that is validated by single sign-on (Crowd). We recommend that you create a new Admin account directly in JIRA, and use that for the qTest integration.


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