What JIRA permissions are required to setup connection?


To set up a successful integration with JIRA for Defect and Requirements, the required JIRA permission depends whether you're connecting to JIRA Cloud or JIRA Server:

  • JIRA Cloud: You are required to have JIRA Global Admin. This permission will be set in JIRA System Global Permissions.
    • Note: The global JIRA Admin is only needed as a one time initiation for the entire instance. Afterwards, any JIRA project admin or user with read/write permissions can be used for the qTest Project integration settings for JIRA.
  • JIRA Server: 
    • JIRA Global Admin-this permission is encouraged as it will provide you with optimal performance
    • normal JIRA user account- will require the following permissions
      • Defect Integration: you will need "Create Issue" and "Link Issues" permissions in the mapped project(s) for mapping JIRA issue types. This permission can be set in JIRA Project's Permission Schemes. 
      • Requirement Integration: you will need the "Browse Projects" permission in the mapped projects. This permission can be set in Jira Project's Permission Schemes. 
      • Release Integration: you will need this permission to edit Versions and Sprints for a project. 

NOTE: Activating JIRA Service Desk can affect allocated JIRA permissions


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