What JIRA permissions are required to setup connection?

JIRA Permissions Required to Setup Connection

To set up successful integration with JIRA for Defect and Requirements, the required JIRA permission depends whether you're connecting to JIRA Cloud or JIRA Server:

  • JIRA Cloud: You are required to have JIRA Global Admin. This permission will be set in JIRA System Global Permissions.
  • JIRA Server: You can use a normal JIRA user account, rather than a JIRA Global Admin.  However, you must have the below permissions.
    • Defect Integrationuser needs "Create Issue" and "Link Issues" permissions in the mapped project(s) for the mapping JIRA issue type. This permission can be set in JIRA Project's Permission Schemes. 
    • Requirement Integration: user needs "Browse Projects" permission in the mapped projects. This permission can set in Jira Project's Permission Schemes. 
    • Release Integration: user needs permission to edit Version and Sprint for project. 

NOTE: Activating JIRA Service Desk can affect allocated JIRA permissions


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