Desktop Explorer Settings

Accessing Explorer Settings

Desktop Toolbar

Desktop settings can be launched by right-clicking on your desktop toolbar and selecting Settings.

Editor Settings

If you have your session editor open, click on the gear icon on the editor toolbar to open Settings dialog.


General settings allow you to set the overall capturing ability for Explorer.  For example, you may want to show timestamps per screen or group actions

  1. Show or hide timestamps
  2. Compact view for adding notes when recording a test session
  3. How to group actions for test case creation 
  4. Auto Update when a new version is available from the download center

Time and Note Types

To add project specific time and note types, you can do this in the setting section of the Sessions Module.

Defect Trackers

For more information on how to configure a defect, see this article.

Submission Options

See this link here.


When recording, hotkeys help with quickly capturing data without needing to interact with the Explorer desktop widget.

The most popular hotkeys include: force screen capture, pause recording, stop recording, and add a note.

Proxy Settings

If you are behind a corporate proxy, there are 2 potential issues that you might encounter when using qTest Explorer:

  1. You might not be able to login to qTest Explorer for the first time until you properly configure proxy information in it AND/OR
  2. You are able to login, but your recording session does not get uploaded to qTest Sessions server after you completes the session and when reviewing the recorded session in qTest Sessions server, you'll find the recorded session has no screenshot associated to it

You are recommended to perform the followings:

  1. Consult your IT administrator for proxy information of your corporate network, then move to next step
  2. Start Desktop Explorer if you haven't done so, and open Login screen
  3. Click on gear icon on the top right corner of the screen to open the Proxy settings


This is how the Proxy settings dialog look like.

Auto Proxy Detection

qTest Explorer automatically detects internet connection settings that are set in LAN Settings. If you use a proxy server that requires authentication, choose to enable proxy authentication, and enter user name and password in the dialog above.

You can find proxy settings in Internet Explorer's Internet Options, as shown below.

HTTP Proxy

if your network has a proxy configured, please consult your IT administrator for the information of Host, Port, Username, Password then setup proxy in Explorer with the option "HTTP proxy" selected.

No Proxy

Use this option if you do not want Explorer to react to any proxy setting in your network.

Quick Start

The quick start feature allows a tester to never forget an Explorer recording before they being their testing.  Explorer will automatically start recording on any application you add to the application list.





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