Defect Submission Settings


After your Session is completed, you can rapidly send defect documentation to your favorite bug trackers such as JIRA, Rally (CA), VersionOne, qTest Manager, HP Quality Center, and more. 

Don't forget, you can also submit a defect from the Sessions Module at the end of each session.


Add Connection 

Select add New Connection, then choose your defect tracker.

By default, you will be connected to the defect module of qTest Manager. 

Native vs Form Submission 

When you select the type drop down, you will notice there might be two options next to the connection name.  For example, you see the below image a select for JIRA 5.X and JIRA Native.  

It's always recommended that you select the Native option for each external integration since Native submission always pulls in the latest fields and values for your defect submission

Each Native option will open a new browser window for defect submission.  If you do not choose Native, then you will be presented with a form fill window for mapping values. 

Configure Connection 

Note: if you're using JIRA and want Desk Explorer to submit defect to your JIRA instance, refer to these specific instructions: Integrate with JIRA from Desktop Explorer

Make sure that when you connect to your external system each input is up to date and accurate. 

  1. Select Type
  2. Add Connection Name: This is the name you give the connection rather than the actual URL
  3. URL: URL of your external system. 
  4. Username: Make sure that you are using the correct username or email to connect.  Sometimes the username and email are not the same.
  5. Password: This is the password of the external system, not your qTest instance. 
  6. Test Connection 


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