Sharing Dashboards with URL - OnPremise version 9.0 or Earlier


OnPremise Users can share Dashboards via URL. These instructions are only for customers using an OnPremise version of Manager 9.0 (compatible with Insights or earlier. 

If you are using an OnPremise version of Manager 9.1.5 or later OR you are an OnDemand customer, please use these instructions.

Sharing Dashboards with URL

Within Site Administration, select System Configurations and navigate to the Insights section of the page.  

Here, the qTest Site Administrator can generate a secure URL that can be given to others for read-only access to the Shared Dashboard.

  1. Generate: When you select the Generate button, this will create a new secure URL. At any time you can generate a new secure URL that would then replace the prior.  
    • Expiration Date: The generated URL will expire after 90 days by default. However, you can change it to another expiration date by selecting the drop-down menu.
    • Green circle icon = Dashboard Token is active
    • Gray circle icon = Dashboard Token is expired
  2. Copy URL: You can copy the URL to the clipboard.
  3. Send Mail: You can send emails to multiple email accounts using the semicolon as a separator.


More Information:

Read the Embed Reports article for more information on sharing reports with an embedded script.



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