3.99 Mobile Explorer Beta - Dec 7, 2014

1. Overview:

Mobile Explorer extends the features and functionalities of qTest Explorer for the mobile platform, allowing you to perform manual exploratory testing of applications on mobile devices. Mobile Explorer captures screen shots, gestures and typing that occur during the course of a testing session. These sessions can be annotated both locally on the devices as well as in the cloud as part of qTest's Session Manager. There, the user can view the recording, edit it, and submit any necessary defects to qTest or their integrated bug tracker.
Mobile Explorer is available for Enterprise package and can be downloaded from qTest's Resources page. 


2. New Features:

  • Floating hotspot on user application
  • Record user actions and capture screenshots
  • Edit captured images
  • Append image to Screen List using picture from mobile library
  • Append image to Screen List using pictures taken on-the-fly
  • Add voice recording
  • Add notes, annotate with shapes, text, arrows, etc
  • Integrate with qTest APIs and Explorer APIs
    • Authenticate to qTest with qTest APIs
    • Get Explorer Settings from qTest Explorer APIs
    • Get User’s Permission from qTest Explorer APIs
  • Support themes (dark and light)


3. Fixed Bugs:


  • Fix UI issues when user deletes or sorts screens
  • Integrate with latest APIs
  • Memory leak after user completes the session
  • Only display 25 planned sessions
  • The selected screen is still displayed even when user deletes all screens on Editor


  • Integrate with latest APIs
  • Wrong Layout when rotate in camera capture/import image
  • Hang app when creating note


4. Known Bugs and Limitations:


  • Some screens are missed when user swipes the screens too fast
  • Only capture tap actions on Web View


  • Cannot capture actions in Web View and other components such as Drawer Menu, Action Bar...
  • If user changes screen too fast, some screenshots would not be captured
  • Memory leak with some applications
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