Web Explorer 1.1.2 - Nov 12, 2015

  1. Overview

    qTest Web Explorer allows for web testing across the most popular operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux). This web extension records tester activities on the browser, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Web Explorer is available for Enterprise and Elite packages and can be downloaded from qTest's Resources page.

  2. New Features

    • N/A
  3. Fixed Bugs

    • Sometimes, user cannot complete a recording session (
    • When doing session recording for a long time on Chrome or Firefox, memory consumption increases dramatically
    • As users click on Complete Button to commit sessions to Server, all function buttons on Explorer Dialog should be disabled
    • During a session recording on Safari, when users switch between capturable and non-capturable pages using browser’s Back/Next buttons, the extension icon should be updated to reflect appropriated states, the function buttons on Explorer Dialog should also be enabled/disabled accordingly
  4. Known Bugs and Limitations

    • Capture engine
      • Cannot use hotkey to complete session on Safari if user is recording non-capturable tab
      • Cannot capture video on Safari and Firefox
      • Cannot capture dropdown list of standard combo box
      • Firefox: cannot capture window different than the current one
      • Un-recognized UI objects will be captured with generic description such as ‘Click here’ or ‘Type here’.
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