qTest Scenario Reporting

Release Report

The Release Report is to show the progress of Features within Releases of a Project.

  1. Go to Jira, click qTest Scenario > Release Tracker on Menu bar.
  2. Select your Project from drop down box.
  3. Click on Version hyperlink to view details of a Release.
  4. Click on Feature ID hyperlink to open the Feature to view its details.

Progress Report 

The Progress Report is to show the Execution list along with the Feature results of each Execution.

  1. Go to Jira, click qTest Scenario > Progress Tracker on Menu bar.
  2. You will be presented by the Feature Implementation Progress Tracker screen with a list of all Executions.
  3. Click Execution ID hyperlink to view details of each Execution
  4. If you want to view information of each Feature, just click Feature ID hyperlink.

Traceability Report 

The Traceability Report allows you to view the Feature execution results as well as the related Scenario execution results of selected Project(s).

  1. Go to Jira Filter screen.
  2. Enter the criteria to filter your expected Features.
  3. Click Export button on the top right corner and select qTest Scenario Issue List.
  4. You will be presented by the qTest Scenario Features List screen to display all filtered Features in step 3 and their Execution results.
  5. Click Get Filtered JQL to show current JQL to filter the Features.
  6. On qTest Scenario Feature List, click Back to JIRA to return JIRA Filter screen or click Generate Traceability Report to generate Traceability Report in Excel format. 

Query Features 

Features now can be queried by their latest executed results. We can utilize that for better managing features in Jira or filtering them in Maven.
  • Criteria name: Executed Result
  • Possible values:
    • TODO
    • PASSED
    • FAILED
Query features by Executed Results







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