Desktop Explorer - Mar 10, 2015

1. Overview:

qTest Explorer – Integrated Edition is a qTest add-on that can be downloaded from and installed on a Windows machine. This add-on is a complete capture application that captures users’ activities as mouse clicks or data entries and generates intelligent narrations of users’ actions with screenshots that can be submitted to qTest as defects or test cases.

qTest Explorer supports capturing single and multiple applications at the same time, users can save their recording into our proprietary trace file format and continue the session at a later point. The editor of Explorer provides versatile tools to annotate the screenshots, allowing the capability to add shapes, text, and other objects.

The outputs can be exported into different portable formats, such as Word or PDF, to be submitted directly into popular defect trackers like JIRA, Rally, VersionOne, and of course, qTest..

* qTest Explorer add-on is available for any users of an active qTest instance with a subscription type of Pro with Explorer or Enterprise.

For pricing, please visit our


2. New Features/Changes:

  • N/A


3. Fixed Bug:

  • Cannot complete session (Screenshot(s), System Info and App Info are not sent to Session Manager)
  • Submitting to JIRA Native takes indefinitely time to complete
  • Trace steps in Description field of HPQC do not have line breaks


4. Known Bugs and Limitations:

Below is the list of known limitations with external tracker integration and capability to capture specific frameworks.

  • Integrations
    • With qTest:
      • Return 400 Bad Request error when submitting test case with attachment to qTest version 1.x
      • Show 404 Not Found error when submitting defect to qTest version 1.x
    • With Rally: Submitting a defect to Rally and users select an owner (from the list provided to Rally) who doesn’t have proper permission on the selected project, submission is valid and successful but the selected owner will not be able to view the defect on Rally.
    • With FogBugz:
      • Cannot retrieve custom fields from FogBugz.
      • Cannot set value for field “Notify More Users” and this field is excluded from defect submission to FogBugz.
    • With HP Quality Center (HPQC):
      • Cannot submit defect with dependent fields that need to be verified.
      • Parent fields are not stayed on top of child fields with dependent fields.
      • Only supports custom fields’ dependency between dropdown – dropdown list.
      • If dependency settings on qTest Explorer are different to settings in HPQC, the defect can be submitted to HPQC but the values in dependent fields are not exact as HPQC’s settings.
      • Not support version 12
    • With Bugzilla: Does not support special characters.
    • With VersionOne: Does not support dependent fields.
    • With TFS2010:
      • Displays “field name” instead of “display name” of the fields.
      • Cannot get “TreePath” control type. The textbox for the fields with TreePath control type is displayed instead.
    • With JIRA:
      • Cannot add custom field if JIRA’s version is earlier than v4.4.x.
  • Capture engine
    • The Control Panel in the Dependent mode only supports the capture mode of Session
    • jQuery: Do not recognize any controls on IE8 – Windows Vista
    • WPF: Date Picker control – Can capture steps but not image of DatePicker control on WinXP.
    • WPF: Rich Text box control – Cannot capture content in RichText box.
    • MFC: Tab control – Cannot capture tab name.
    • WinForm: Picture box control – Captures picture box control as “Click here”.
    • SWT: ExpandBar control – Captures expandbar control as “Click here”.
    • SWT: Slider control – Captures slider as “Click here”.
    • Swing: SplitPane control – Captures the control as “Click here”.
    • Swing: Jtable control – Cannot capture content.
    • Extended monitor:
      • Incorrect image captured when taskbar has two rows, a part of taskbar is included in the images.
    • Capture console – Cannot capture context menu & dialog on XP and Vista.
    • Captures entire text on notepad or text area
    • Displays captured value in Chinese character when recording notepad ++
    • Un-recognized UI controls will be captured with generic description such as ‘Click here’ or ‘Type here’.
    • Note: For qTest Explorer to recognize actions on controls of recorded application properly, user should install the update package from Microsoft (more details at for Win XP and Vista.
  • Others
    • Cannot define hotkey with the following combinations:
      • Only number (e.g.1, 2…) or only letter (e.g. a, b…)
      • Alt + <key> (e.g. Alt + R)
      • Alt + Shift + <key> (e.g. Alt + Shift + C)
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