Login to Desktop Explorer

Login with qTest Account

By clicking the gray Desktop Explorer icon, you will be able to login.  

When starting Desktop Explorer, users will need to enter a valid account which is comprised of the following information:

  • URL: an active URL which is used to access your qTest site.
  • Email: a valid email address authorized to access the above qTest site.
  • Password: the appropriate password corresponding to the account identified by the combination of aforementioned URL and Email.

Once you are logged in, the icon will turn orange to indicate that you are active. 

Login with SSO Account

To login to qTest from Desktop Explorer using SSO account, you need an SSO token. Follow steps below to obtain SSO token.

  1. In your qTest site, click on Resource icon
  2. In QTEST EXPLORER section, copy Explorer Integration Edition token


Next, from Desktop Explorer login screen, select the option Login with SSO account, then enter below information to login with SSO account:

  • URL: your qTest site URL
  • SSO token: the token you obtain in previous step

Check the Login automatically if you want qTest Explorer to remember the login information. The next time you access qTest Explorer, it will log you in automatically.


  1. Click the Logout link on qTest Explorer Editor, or select Logout from the Menu Context of Explorer in the taskbar.

  2. Confirm whether to save or discard the changes to the current recording file, if there have been modifications.

  3. qTest Explorer will restart and the Login dialog will be displayed. You can click Exit to exit qTest Explorer, or enter a valid qTest account to login again. 


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