qTest Release Notes - Oct 12th, 2012

Thanks to the feedbacks we've received from qTest beta users, especially Kamsia Noine and Artur Gula. Please find below the items has been resolved in this update:

ID Component Description Feedback link
1 Test Plan Fix error message when users select and delete Release and Build with shift key
2 Test Design View an old baselined test case version attachment icon at test step is no longer available  
3 General Retain user email after a failed login
4 Notification message Change Notification header from "Save succeed" to "Notification"
5 General Tooltip for Notification icon
6 General Tooltip for remove attachment icon from Artur Guła email
7 General Fixed defect on calendar months view is hidden - only show November-December for selection. User has to select other months by using arrow buttons
8 Email notification Improve email notification subject and content  
9 Defect Fix query defect issue: No result return with Target Date/Closed Date/Submitted Date selected  
10 General Fix main menu under user avatar - container are clickable - previously users have to click directly on the text
11 General Enhance comment input field - support multiple lines per comment
12 General Update my profile password validation rule to be consistent with qTest registration
13 General Enhance all grids' view with sortable. Fix error message "An error occurs"
14 Client profile Users can key in state information for countries other than US
15 Report Customized Reports - Fix error when users click on column header  
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