3.92 Mobile Explorer - Mar 28, 2016

  1. Overview

    Mobile Explorer extends the features and functionalities of qTest Explorer to the mobile platform, allowing you to perform manual exploratory testing of applications on mobile devices. Mobile Explorer captures screen shots, gestures and typing that occur during the course of a testing session. These sessions can be annotated both locally on the devices as well as in the cloud as part of qTest's Session Manager application. There, the user can view the recording, edit it, and submit any necessary defects to qTest or their integrated bug tracker.
    Mobile Explorer is only available with our Enterprise package and can be downloaded from qTest's Resources page.

  2. Version

    For instruction on how to integrate Mobile Explorer to your desired mobile platform, click Mobile Explorer User Guide

  3. New Features and Changes

    • Support Cordova 6.1.0
    • Support Cordova Android 5.1.1
    • Support Cordova iOS 4.1.0
  4. Fixed Bugs

    • Ticket #4178 - qTest sdk issue of iOS:
      • Development Environment: XCode 7.2
      • Language: Objective C
      • Issues:
        * Method -(void)scrollViewDidScroll:(UIScrollView*)scrollView doesn't get called
        * Enabling MXExporer [[MXExplorer sharedInstance] start] adds, UITableViews become editable by default, with swipe gesture on a cell it shows delete button
        * Application status bar is going to appear and disappear during app navigation
        * Changed status bar style unexpectedly.
  5. Known Bugs and Limitations


    • Some screens are not captured when the user swipes the screen too fast


    • Cannot capture the image when navigating Drawer controls (open/close actions)
    • If the user changes a screen too fast, some screens are not captured
    • Memory leak with applications that consist of large image libraries
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