qTest 7.2.0 Release Notes - Jan 15th, 2016

Plugin Updates

Please upgrade our qTest plugins below to their latest versions

  • qTest plugin for JIRA Server: version 6.9
  • qTest plugin for Bamboo: version 1.2.3
  • qTest plugin for Jenkins: version 1.1.5


LDAP integration

  • LDAP over SSL connection is now supported
  • Your qTest instance can integrate with multiple LDAP systems. As the site administrator, you can import or merge existing users with users from different LDAP systems. One user can be authenticated with one LDAP system at a specific time
  • Once the user is authenticated with an LDAP system, they can use either his their LDAP username or qTest email, together with their LDAP password to login to qTest

      Important: When logging in to Web eXplorer, it is required that you use your qTest email with LDAP password

JIRA integration

    • In the JIRA integration settings section, Defect Description field is configured to be auto filled with Sessions Description, Session Environment and Description (Test Stseps) fields by default. It does not apply to existing configurations

  • Test Execution information is only shown on JIRA issues which are configured to be Defects in qTest and in projects which have integration with qTest
  • Auto fill settings are applied when you execute Test Runs with Quick Run

Bamboo integration

    • You can enter a directory pattern where test results are located using ANT Style Pattern

Data Queries

  • Automation Test Case has been added to the criteria options for the Test Design data query
  • Automation Test Run has been added to the criteria options for the Test Execution data query

Supported Browsers

  • IE10 and IE11 are now officially supported, in addition to the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE9


  • Get Requirement Traceability Matrix: requirements in response body are organized in hierarchical modules. Its resource path is changed to: api/v3/projects/{projectId}/requirements/trace-matrix-report

TestLink's Test Cases Conversion Tool

    • The tool converts TestLink's Test Cases in XML format to qTest importable Excel files
    • Download it from qTest's Resources page

Bug Fixes

Test Execution

  • The system will show custom Status values on Test Run detailed page correctly
  • Test Run latest results are displayed correctly on Test Execution tree
  • Updates on a Test Suite’s properties will not apply to its Test Runs
  • Query for Test Runs using CI Tool criterion will return valid results


  • If qMap Web and qMap service have not been configured, you will not see qMap Settings under Project Settings section
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