Desktop Explorer - August 12, 2016

Editor enhancements

Added 'Active screen' option when Save As, Email, Submit Defect, Submit Test Case

    • When using Save As, Email, Test Case Preview or Submit Defect function, user is now able to select 'Active screen' from Screen option field which will export the current editing screen in session editor. Each screen option also includes a number of screens to be exported. Below are screenshots of 'Active screen' option in Save As, Email, Test Case Preview and Submit Defect screen.

      Save As screen

      Email screen

      Test Case Preview screen

      Submit Defect screen

View and Export system information to a text file

System information shows the information of your Windows system as well qTest Platfom and qTest Explorer Integrated application. This information would be very useful for Customer Support team at QASymphony when assisting issues regarding qTest Explorer installation and usage. Now you can export the system information to a Text file for your reference or to attach it to any issue you submit to our Customer Support. Follow below instruction to view and export your system information

    • Open About dialog and click on System Info button. The System Information screen will be presented that shows your Windows, qTest and Explorer information. If you want to export those information to a Text file, just click on Export button

      System Information screen
    • Below screenshot shows how exported file look like

      Exported system information

Known Limitations



  • When submitting a new defect, although you can assign owner accounts that do not have proper permissions for the selected project, these owners will not be able to view the created defect later


  • Cannot retrieve custom fields from FogBugz
  • Cannot set a value for the field “Notify More Users” and this field is excluded from defect submission to FogBugz

HP Quality Center (HPQC)

  • Cannot submit defect with dependent fields that need to be verified
  • In Explorer Editor, Primary and Secondary Fields may not be displayed in order
  • In Manage Dependency Rule setting, Explorer only supports creating dependency rules among Dropdown List fields
  • If dependency settings in qTest Explorer are different than the settings in HPQC, the defect can be submitted to HPQC but the values in dependent fields will not be the same as the HPQC settings


  • Special characters are not supported


  • Dependent fields are not supported


  • When the field control type is “TreePath”, a textbox is displayed instead of the TreePath control


  • Cannot add custom field if JIRA’s version is earlier than v4.4.x.

Capture Engine

  • On Windows 10, if Chrome is the default browser then URLs from eXplorer will not be redirected correctly. This is a bug from Chrome (
  • When launching multiple Chrome instances with the same titles, the Always On feature will not be triggered
  • Chrome / Firefox / IE: Cannot capture characters typed into a Rich Text Editor control
  • Terminal Screen: qTest Explorer sometimes cannot record typed characters after pressing the Tab key
  • The context menu of qTest Explorer in the taskbar of the Dependent mode (when qTest Explorer is launched from qTest) only supports Record mode (it does not support Snapshot)
  • jQuery: Will not recognize any control on IE8 – Windows Vista
  • WPF
    • Cannot capture characters typed into a RichText box
  • MFC: Cannot capture the tab name of a Tab control
  • WinForm: Captures the Picture Box control as “Click here”.
  • SWT
    • Captures the ExpandBar control as “Click here”
    • Captures the Slider control as “Click here”
  • Swing
    • Captures the SplitPane control as “Click here”
    • Cannot capture content of the Jtable control
  • Extended monitor
    • Incorrect image captured when the taskbar has two rows, a part of the taskbar is included in the images
  • Capture console: Cannot capture context menus & dialogs on XP and Vista.
  • Captures entire text on notepad or text area
  • Un-recognized UI controls will be captured with generic descriptions such as ‘‘Click here’’ or ‘‘Type here’’
  • Note: For qTest Explorer to recognize actions on controls of recorded applications properly, you should install the update package from Microsoft (more details at for Win XP and Vista


  • Cannot define hotkeys with the following combinations:
    • Only number (e.g.1, 2…) or only letter (e.g. a, b…)
    • Alt + <key> (e.g. Alt + R)
    • Alt + Shift + <key> (e.g. Alt + Shift + C)
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