qTest Manager 8.4 OnDemand Release Notes - Mar 27, 2017

New Features - Enhancements

  • eggPlant Integration V1: new option to not override existing Test Cases' Steps
    • A new key is added to file: submit.automatedstepresults
    • By default the key’s value is yes
      • If its value is yes, results of each test step are submitted to qTest Manager
      • If its value is no, automated test step logs are omitted. Only the result of the overall test run’s log are submitted to qTest Manager. However, associated Test Cases’ steps are not overwritten
    • Click here to learn further of our eggPlant integration


  • New look for qTest Login and Reset Password pages
    Login page

Bug Fixing

  • 6856 - JIRA issues are out of date in Defect Summary grid
  • 8005 - Users are not able to scroll through the trees
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