Reset Expired Password for qTest OnPremise's Admin Account

Resetting Expired Password

f you are using qTest OnPremise and your Admin or all qTest accounts expire, you can follow this instruction to your Security Settings and reactivate accounts in qTest.

  1. Stop qTest service
  2. Run 2 following scripts on your qTest database:
    • update CLIENTS set PasswordHealthyPeriod=0, PasswordShelfLife=0, MaxFailedLoginAttempt=0, MinimumUniquePasswordsSequenceLength=0 where id<>0;
    • update CLIENT_USERS cu set CredentialNonExpired=1, Status=1 where CredentialNonExpired=0;
  3. Restart qTest service
  4. Login to qTest and change password.


These scripts will deactivate your current Security Settings and let you login to qTest. If you want to use Security Settings again, make sure you change your user's password before enabling Security Settings.

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