qTest Manager 8.4.1 OnDemand Release Notes - Mar 30, 2017

Plugin/Tool Updates

  • Automation Agent Tool v1.3.0 which supports JBehave

New Features - Enhancements

  • New Automation Agent for JBehave
    • qTest Manager features Automation Scheduling which allows you to schedule and kick off automation tests that reside on your local machine and report the results of these tests back to your qTest server. Please click here for more background on this existing Automation V2 Integration
    • In addition to the existing support for TestNG, JUnit and Cucumber for Java, we now provide an out of the box Automation Agent for JBehave. This integration will follow the existing Automation V2 Integration
    • Please download our latest version of our Automation Agent Tool (v1.3.0)
  • A new API supports batch submitting test logs to qTest Manager and creating Test Cases and Test Runs in a user-defined hierarchical structure

Bug Fixing

  • 8508 - Batch submitted test results stuck in queue
  • 8636 - Data Query - Contains operator returns incorrect result
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