qTest Insights 1.5 On-Demand Release Notes - December 21st, 2016

New Feature

Embed Report

This feature provides the ability to show reports from qTest Insights on a website for users who do not have qTest credentials. It works by generating JavaScript code that you can use with another website. This feature works for the following reports: 

  • Reports in the Analysis section 
  • Shared Dashboard
  • Any View in Explore Data 
  • Saved Reports 

Users are able to generate the embedded script by clicking   or   to copy the script to clipboard and then paste that script to any website.

Once the script is copied to a website, the static report will be embedded as shown below. Users will not be able to drill-down or navigate to other areas of the original report. 


More Test Cycle Levels

More test cycle fields are now available in the Test Run and Test Run Log reports in Explore data. There are a total of 4 levels of test cycles available now. Reports created with higher level test cycles will include data from nested test cycles. The additional fields are defined as:  

  • Release 
    • Test Cycle (Top Level)  New!
      • Test Cycle (Level 2)  New!
        • Test Cycle (Level 3New!
          • .....
            • Test Cycle (Bottom Level) Renamed! 


Default maximum number of rows in Explore Data

The maximum number of rows returned for reports in Explore Data is now selectable. The default is set to 500 which will improve initial load times.

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Duplicate defects were showing in the Defect Report when the same bug was linked to Test Log and Test Steps separately. 

Fixed: Filters were not saved as you navigate to different reports throughout qTest Insights and across sessions.

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