Access qTest Insights

Add User Access to qTest Insights

Access for qTest Insights is controlled by a qTest Site Administrator.  Therefore, for access to be granted to any user, they will need to contact their Site Administrator.

From Site Administration page, select the tab labeled "User Profiles":

  1. Click the "Create an Admin Profile" icon in left panel navigation.  Insights Viewer and Insights Editor roles are only available for Admin Profile
  2. Select which whether you want to grant Viewer or Editor access to the new profile:
  • A user with Viewer role is able to view analysis reports and personal / shared dashboards
  • A user with Editor role is able to explore data and build custom reports. They are also allowed to schedule reports to be sent via email.


How to Access qTest Insights

Once you have been granted access to qTest Insights, you will see a qTest Insights link upon clicking the nine-box icon. 

Click qTest Insights to access.



Sharing Dashboards with URL

Within Site Administration, select System Configurations and navigate to the Insights 2.0 section.  

Here, the qTest Site Administrator can generate a secure URL that can be given to others for read-only access to the Shared Dashboard.

  1. Generate: When you click the Generate button, this will create a new secure URL. At any time you can generate a new secure URL that would then replace the prior.  
    • Expiration Date: The generated URL will be expired after 90 days by default. However, you can change it to another expiration date by selecting the drop down. The green circle tells you that the URL in the box next to it is active. If the circle turns gray, this indicates that the URL is expired.  
  2. Copy URL: You can copy the URL to the clipboard.
  3. Send Mail: You can send emails to multiple email accounts using the semicolon as a separator.


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