Access qTest Insights

Add User Access to qTest Insights

You will need to contact your Site Administrator to grant access to qTest Insights.

  1. From the Site Administration page, select the User Profiles tab.
  2. Select the "Create an Admin Profile" icon in the left panel navigation. Insights Viewer and Insights Editor roles are only available for an Admin Profile.
  3. Select whether you want to grant Viewer or Editor access to the new profile:
    • Viewer: this user role is only able to view Analysis Reports and Personal /Shared dashboards.
    • Editor: this user role is able to explore data and build custom reports. They are also allowed to schedule reports sent via email and share reports using the Embed Script and Shareable URL features.


How to Access qTest Insights

Once you have been granted access to qTest Insights, you will see a qTest Insights link upon clicking the nine-box icon. 

Select qTest Insights and it will open in a new tab.




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