qTest Insights 1.11 On-Demand Release Notes - June 5th, 2017

New Features

UI Updates

UI updates across whole Insights application for better usability. Following are some major changes:

  • Navigation is now a horizontal menu
  • New Global filter in the left panel


  • Manage saved reports: arrange icons, adjust the report table for better view.


Test Cycle Filter

Test Cycle is now added as a filter criteria. It is applicable for all reports under sub pages of Analysis, Shared Dashboard and Personal Dashboard. To select Test Cycles and Modules, a project must first be selected. 


Summary Function in Crosstab Report

Summary Function is added to Crosstab report, provide you with total and subtotal count on the reported data. 


Sessions Data

Under Explore Data section, there are 2 new views added:

  • Sessions: provide data of sessions recorded (using qTest Sessions) together with their associated defects, requirements, test cases, test runs.
  • Screens: provide screen information of recorded sessions, including their associated notes, defects

Sessions Shared Charts

Under Shared/Personal Dashboards, there are 3 new sessions panels :

  • Exploratory Time Actual vs. Planned
  • Requirements Exploratory Test Coverage
  • Screens Exploratory Test Coverage



Sessions Data for Coverage Analysis

In Coverage Analysis, two columns added:

  • Explorer Sessions: the count of explorer sessions associated to a specific test case and requirement (through association of test run)
  • Explorer Time:  total time spent in explorer sessions associated to a specific test case and requirement


Sessions Data for Velocity Analysis

In Velocity Analysis, two columns added:

  • Explorer Sessions:  the count of explorer sessions conducted by the tester
  • Explorer Time:  total time of explorer sessions conducted by the tester



Performance Improvement

  • Several performance improvements have been made to the Analysis reports. 

Features removed

  • Remove tabs By Configuration, By Release from the Quality Analysis
  • Remove the report Test Runs Per Requirement from Coverage Analysis
  • Remove Filter People from Quality Analysis, Coverage Analysis, Dashboard. It will only available in Velocity Analysis report.

Limitation and Known Issues

After this release, the custom reports you added to show in the navigation will not be shown. You will need to re-add them to the navigation. To do so, go to “Saved Reports” and click on “Manage.” Then click the checkbox in the “Show In Menu” column.

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