Getting Started with qTest OnPremise

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers

qTest installation packages are offered for these 3 operating systems (Application specific instructions can be found in the Install Guide links below):

  1. Docker   (CentOS 7.2-7.3) or (Ubuntu 16.04-16.10)
  2. Linux   (CentOS 7.2-7.3) or (Ubuntu 16.04-16.10)
  3. Windows (2008 R2, 2012 R2, 2016)

qTest works best on the latest stable versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE11

Recommended hardware requirements

Determine the right hardware requirements before the installation, please see this article: Server Sizing Guide

Installation packages

Each application in the qTest platform delivers a tailored experience for its users. Below is a list of the applications that need to be installed for each subscription plan:

Product Description Subscription Plan Install Guides Upgrade Guides
    Sessions + Explorer Premium Elite    
Manager Test Case Management qTest-lockup_edited.jpg* qTest-lockup_edited.jpg qTest-lockup_edited.jpg Install Manager Upgrade Manager
Sessions Screen Capture and Recording qTest-lockup_edited.jpg qTest-lockup_edited.jpg qTest-lockup_edited.jpg Install Sessions  Upgrade Sessions
Parameters Reusable Test Input Data   qTest-lockup_edited.jpg qTest-lockup_edited.jpg Install Parameters  N/A
Insights Testing Metrics and Analytics     qTest-lockup_edited.jpg Install Insights  Upgrade Insights

  *qTest Manager component for Sessions + Explorer package is simply for Administration purposes and does not contain test case management features.

Supported Versions

As outlined in the Terms of Use (Appendix A - Support Services), QASymphony OnPremise support expires for any software version more than 12 months after any superseding update. Therefore, we recommend that customers keep up with the latest updates and upgrade their software.

Here are the OnPremise software versions and their support status:

qTest Manager
Version  Release Date Out of Support Date Status
 v8.7.3  October 2017   February 2019  Supported
 v8.4.4  June 2017  October 2018  Supported
 v8.1.5  November 2016  June 2018  Supported
 v7.7.3  June 2016  November 2017  Out of support
 v7.3.7  March 2016  June 2017  Out of support




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