4.5 eXplorer Standalone Edition - January 13, 2014

qTest eXplorer Release Notes

Version - Standalone Edition (Jan 13, 2014)
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1.       Overview

qTest eXplorer – Standalone Edition is an application that is installed at a user’s desktop. Once it is active, the user can run to track and record actions performed on one or more applications running on the desktop.

This release notes summarizes new features, fixed bugs, known bugs and limitations of this release candidate.


2.       New Features / Changes in

  • Change logo and layout
  • Apply trade version
    • Allow to use qTest eXplorer 30 days trial version
    • Be able to run qTest eXplorer subscription version by activating license key
    • Allow to generate a test case included / excluded screenshots from a session to Excel file
    • Add Tester field under Settings > General and be populated when user starts a new session

3.       Fixed Bugs

  • NA


4.       Known Bugs and Limitations

  • Integrations
    • With Rally: Rally gets all users in Rally for Owner field. When submitting a defect to Rally if user selects the owner who doesn’t have permission on the selected project, Rally still submits defect successfully but the selected owner cannot view the defect on Rally.
    • With FogBugz:
      • qTest eXplorer cannot get custom fields from FogBugz
      • qTest eXplorer cannot set value for field “Notify More Users”. Hence, this field is excluded out of FogBugz defect submission.
    • With HP Quality Center (HPQC):
      • qTest eXplorer cannot submit defect with dependent field which is checked verify value.
      • Parent field is not stayed on top of child field with dependent fields.
      • qTest eXplorer only supports custom field dependency between dropdown – dropdown list.
      • If setting dependency on qTest eXplorer is different from setting in HPQC, qTest eXplorer allows submitting defect to HPQC. In this case, if user views the defect on HPQC, value in dependent fields are not suitable with the settings in HPQC.


    • With Bugzilla: Bugzilla does not support special characters
    • With VersionOne: qTest eXplorer does not support dependent fields
    • With qTest: qTest eXplorer displays unfriendly message when submitting defect with long title to qTest (more than 200 characters).
    • With TFS2010:
      • qTest eXplorer displays “field name” instead of “display name” of the fields
      • qTest eXplorer cannot get “TreePath” control type. Currently, qTest eXplorer displays textbox for the fields with TreePath control type.
    • With JIRA:
      • qTest eXplorer cannot add custom field if JIRA’s version is earlier than v4.4.x
      • Fields settings are lost after upgraded qTrace (the predecessor of qTest eXplorer) from v2.5.0 or earlier versions to v2.5.1
  • Capture engine
    • WPF: Date Picker control  – Can capture steps but not image of DatePicker control on WinXP.
    • WPF: Rich Text box control – Cannot capture content in RichText box.
    • MFC: Tab control – Cannot capture tab name.
    • WinForm: Picture box control – Captures picture box control as “Click here”.
    • SWT: ExpandBar control – Captures expandbar control as “Click here”.
    • SWT: Slider control – Captures slider as “Click here”.
    • Swing: SplitPane control – Captures the control as “Click here”.
    • Swing: Jtable control – Cannot capture content.
    • Extended monitor:
      •  Incorrect image captured when taskbar has two rows, a part of taskbar is included in the images.
      • Capture console – Cannot capture context menu & dialog on XP and Vista.
      • Captures entire text on notepad or text area
      • Displays captured value in Chinese character when recording notepad ++
      • Un-recognized UI controls will be captured with generic description such as ‘Click here’ or ‘Type here’.
      • Note: In order for qTest eXplorer to recognize actions on controls of recorded application properly, user should install the update package from Microsoft (more details at for Win XP and Vista.
  • Others
    • Cannot define hotkey with the following combinations:
      •  Only number (e.g.1, 2,..) or only letter (e.g. a, b,…)
      •  Alt + <key> (e.g. Alt + R)
      •  Alt + Shift + <key> (e.g. Alt + Shift + C)
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