Web Explorer 1.0.7 - Apr 10, 2015

1. Overview:

The qTest Web Explorer extends the capabilities of the explorer to the browser, allowing for Web testing across most popular desktop Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, etc.). It’s a web extension with the capability to record tester activities in the browser just like the eXplorer Integrated Edition. It will offer support for the most popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
Web Explorer is available for Enterprise package and can be downloaded from qTest's Resources page. 


2. New Features:

  • Redesigned UI for better usability.
  • Automatic login: this feature saves users the trouble of having to login each time they use Web Explorer
  • Edit the last captured screen: allows users to take annotations as well as add notes or steps for the last captured screen
  • Allow users to capture visible page during recording
  • Ability to capture full page of the current website during recording
  • Pause the session during recording
  • View previous recorded screens: users can view all previous recorded screens from the session


3. Fixed Bugs:

  • N/A


4. Known Bugs and Limitations:

Below is the list of known limitations with external tracker integration and capability to capture specific frameworks.

  • Capture engine
    • Cannot capture dropdown list of standard combo box
    • Firefox: cannot capture window different than the current one
    • Un-recognized UI controls will be captured with generic description such as ‘Click here’ or ‘Type here’.
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