Scenario Management

Create Sub-Task Scenarios

Please follow the below steps to create a new test Scenario.

  1. Go to Jira and open the Feature ticket to which you want to add the new Scenario.
  2. Click the More on sub-menu bar and select Create Sub-Task.
  3. Select the qTest Scenario Scenario from the Issue Type drop down and click Create.


  • The newly created Scenario will be displayed under the Sub-Tasks section of selected Feature ticket at step 1.

Create Inline Scenarios 

Features & scenarios can be managed directly inside other Jira issue types:
  • Scenarios inside features
  • Scenarios inside JIRA User Story

Scenarios Inside Features

Child scenarios of features can be created/updated in the feature page.
Scenarios in Feature
More over, users can collapse/expand scenarios content or navigate to a specific scenario by clicking on its ID above.

Create Scenarios in JIRA User Story

Users are able to embed inline feature content into selected issue types for each Jira project, such as a User Story.

  1.  Select issue types in qTest Scenario settings page
  2. Manipulate inline features in the selected issue types
    The user now can add new/link features as well as create/update child scenarios inside a Jira story.
    Features in Story

Auto-complete Scenarios

While writing Given/When/Then statements for a scenario in Gherkin editor, users are able to refer to contents of other scenarios in the same project by hitting Ctrl+Space. Corresponding statements which start with the current input will be listed out for selection.


View Scenario Test Logs

The execution results of a Scenario are recorded under Test Logs section of that Scenario.

To see the Test Logs of a Scenario:

  1. Open the Scenario ticket in Jira.
  2. Scroll down to the Test Logs section


  • Host: Use the IP address of the machine to execute the Scenario.
  • Type: Automated or Manual.
  • Date: Time stamp of execution.
  • Status: Execution result: Passed/Failed or Incomplete.
  • Action: Delete a Test Log.


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