Test and Record

Start Test Session

After you login, click the Web Explorer icon from the browser toolbar to display Start Session Dialog.  From this dialogue, you can create a new session or pick from a planned session that was created in the Sessions Module

Enter the below information for the new session:

  1. Select project
  2. Enter session name and description
  3. Log an estimated planned duration for testing
  4. Set preferred Domain option to be captured. You can select All to capture all detected domains or restrict Explorer to specific domain using Include/Exclude options
  5. Click "Start Session" to start the recording.
  6. After a Session is started, the original Web Explorer icon shall change to a flashing Recording icon to notify the user about being in recording mode.



As you interact with each web page, Web Explorer will automatically record each user action and screen change.  Web Explorer contains many useful tools make notes, or record your actions as a video.

Capture Visible Screen 

Using the capture visible screen button allows you to instantly capture what is directly in front of your screen.  

  1. Click "Capture Visible Part"

Annotate Screens

Once you have captured the image, you click the "Annotate Last Screen" to move into an editor window.  

Here you can add notes, add annotations, and call out any bugs or defects you find. 



Capture Full Page

Some web pages Web Explorer will scroll your entire page 

  1. Click "Capture Full Page"
  2. Use editor to annotate full page


Record Audio & Video

Sometimes you need to capture dynamic images or movements on the screen you are testing.  Web Explorer allows you to record audio and video. In the video below, we are showing how to capture a GIF of Explorer's automated script generator. 

  1. Click "Record Video"
  2. Select screen to capture video 
  3. Stop video once complete

You can review captured audio and video in the Sessions Module once you test session has been completed.



Log Time and Notes

Logging testing time is crucial to communicate where your time is allocated on a daily basis.  It's also used to show how long it takes for you to navigate opportunities, provide feature enhancements, and report bugs.  

With Web Explore, you can log your time and notes at the same time.  

  1. Select "Time Type" drop down 
  2. Chose "Note Type"
  3. Click "Add Note"


Complete Session

Once you complete your test session, you will instantly be sent to the Session Module where you can review, edit, and share your web test session with others.

  1. Click "Complete Session"



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