Edit Recorded Session

Edit Recorded Session

To edit your recorded test session from qTest Explorer, you can do this through the desktop editor or through the Sessions module located in the 9-box navigation for the qTest Platform. 

In this guide, we will be talking about how to edit through the desktop editor after you have moved into the edit mode after stopping from Desktop Explorer.  


Editor Overview 

The desktop editor will immediately appear after you click Edit Session.  From this view, you will now have access to all your recorded screens, audio and video clips, test steps, logs notes, and environment data.

  1. Recorded Screens and Video Files
  2. Environment Details
  3. Annotation Bar
  4. Complete Session
  5. Continue Session
  6. Submit Defect 
  7. Create Test Case 
  8. Save As

Edit Screens 

On the side navigation, you can select which screen and steps you want to keep, edit, or delete.   


Annotate Screens 

The editor provides rich markup capabilities once your session is complete.  If you forgot to add a note or log a call out, don't worry.  The editor allows you to go back and mark up any captured screen during your test session. 


Submit Defect 

If you logged a defect or bug during your test session, you can instantly send this to qTest Manager or other defect tracking tools like JIRA.  

For more information on how to set up your defect submission settings, see here.*

Create Test Cases  

Explorer streamlines test case creation for regression and user acceptance testing by automatically creating manual and automated test cases. These manual test cases can be stored in the Test Design module of qTest Manager or saved locally via Excel.  

For automated test cases, see this article on how to instantly created web test automation scripts.

  1. Select screens and steps 
  2. Click "Submit Test Case" buttons

  1. Select folder for test case storage
  2. Preview screens
  3. Make edits to test case steps
  4. Submit to qTest Manager or save as excel

Save Locally

To save detailed documentation locally, select the save as button and choose your file type.  This allows you to store test documentation on a personal PC or company network.  


Environment Details 

Explorer does not only captures your recorded screens.  It's intelligent capturing engine also logs environment details like OS, browsers, application versions and more in the background while you test.

These details can prove to be vital for development for trouble shooting issues and bugs.


Complete Session

Once your session is complete, you will automatically be sent to the Sessions Module where you can debrief with your entire team around your test session.  

For more information on how to manage your data visit the Sessions Module user guide.




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