qTest Sessions OnDemand Release Notes - April 02, 2017


Jump-start to Session Review page

In this release, the session detail page has been merged into session review page. You can go directly to session review page to edit an existing session. Below screenshot show the Properties tab in review page where you can edit the session information


... or manage linked objects

Note: You can only edit an existing session if its status is Planned, Completed or Reviewed. 

Option to hide variables from Session export

The session review page now allows to to include/exclude the environment variable when exporting session to other formats, e.g. PDF or MS Word by selecting/deselecting the appropriate variables, as below screenshot

Bug fixes

  • Session to Rally defect submission fix: this release fixed the issue with Rally defect submission, as reported in previous release notes
  • Fixed video publishing issue, as reported in this ticket
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