qTest Sessions 3.0.9 OnPremise Release Notes - June 2017

New Features:

Automatically object linking

  • When a session is linked to a test case (via session detail page), if that test case is linked to a requirement, the session will also be linked to that requirement
  • When a session is linked to a test run, that session will also be linked to test case associated with that test run. In addition, if the test case was linked to a requirement, the session will automatically be linked to that requirement
  • When a session links to a defect, if the defect was linked to a test run, the session will also be automatically linked to that test run


New header UI

The header UI is re-built that enables access to various qTest resources.

Access to user guide

To access to qTest Sessions User Guide, click on the Help icon in the header.

Access to qTest download resource page

You can access to qTest download resource page by clicking on Download icon.

Profile links

When moving mouse over your profile picture, a popup menu will be presented, as shown in below screenshot.

From the popup menu, you can do the following:

  • Access to your qTest profile by clicking on My Profile link
  • Access to your company profile by clicking on Company Profile link. Note: this link is not available on OnPremise installation
  • If you are an administrator, you can access to Administration page by clicking on Administration link
  • Log out of your qTest instance by clicking on Log out link

Access to other applications

If your license includes accessing to other applications, you can access to them from the nine boxes icon.

Script generator enhancements

  • Added Python Selenium plugin to generate script in Python language: 
  • Add more options in Script Generator screen to customize the output scripts, e.g. "Package Name" or "Class Name" when you select built-in Java Selenium, "Namespace" and "Class Name" if your selected plugin is "C# Selenium" plus some options to tell Selenium to always execute the action on last opened browser window or specifiy whether you want to generate the action description as code comment, etc.

Jump-start to Session Review page

In this release, the session detail page has been merged into session review page. You can go directly to session review page to edit an existing session. Below screenshot show the Properties tab in review page where you can edit the session information


... or manage linked objects

Note: You can only edit an existing session if its status is Planned, Completed or Reviewed. 

Option to hide variables from Session export

The session review page now allows to to include/exclude the environment variable when exporting session to other formats, e.g. PDF or MS Word by selecting/deselecting the appropriate variables, as below screenshot

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