Web Explorer - October 24, 2016


  • Web Explorer for Chrome: 1.1.16
  • Web Explorer for Safari: 1.1.15


  • Session recorded on Chrome or Safari can be used to generate automated script. Refer to this article: Generating Automated Script to learn how to generate script from session recorded by Web Explorer for Chrome or Safari.

Known Limitations


  • Cannot record audio more than 5 separate times per session
  • Cannot capture the drop down list item of a standard combo box


  • Audio and video recording is not supported
  • Cannot capture a window other than the current window


  • Audio and video recording is not supported
  • Cannot use the hotkey to complete sessions if the user is recording a tab that cannot be captured

All Browsers

  • Un-recognized UI objects will be captured with generic descriptions such as ‘‘Click here’’ or ‘‘Type here’’
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