qTest 7.1.0 Release Notes - Jan 4th, 2016


JIRA Integration

  • qTest Test Execution information will be viewable in JIRA for all JIRA users.
  • When synced JIRA Requirements are manually moved to another module, they will not be automatically moved back to their original folder when the module is updated.

  Note: It is required that you upgrade our qTest plugin to the latest version on your JIRA instance.

VersionOne Integration

    • qTest now supports creating integration connection to a VersionOne project using a access token. This is only available from VersionOne Winter 2015 onwards.

Jenkins Integration

  • We offer 2 options to get unit test results:
    1. Parse test results from testing tools (default)
    2. Utilize test results from the CI tool

  Note: Please upgrade our qTest plugin to the latest version on your CI instance.

Site Administration – User Profiles

    • When you change a user profile in the site administration section, changes will now be applied to all users that are associated with that profile.

Project Settings – User Management

  • As a project admin, you can select multiple users to remove from a project by selecting Ctrl + Remove


  • A new API is released to logout from a session (revoke the session token). Please check out its specification.


    • It is highly recommended that you logout your API session whenever it is completed.
    • One user can have at most 3 web + API sessions. When you reach this maximum number of sessions, you cannot login to qTest. In order to restore access to qTest, you can manually terminate your active sessions when logging in to qTest web application or contact your site administrator.


  • qTest objects can now be accessed with a friendly URL format: [your qTest URL] /p/[project-ID]/portal/project#key=[Object PID]


    • It has not supported Session objects.
    • PID is case-sensitive.
  • Rich Text Editor fields will now support text wrapping
  • When the session threshold is reached, active sessions can be manually terminated to restore access to qTest.

      Important: One user can have at most 3 web and API sessions. When reaching this limit, you will not be able to login to qTest.

  • qTest account emails will now support special characters.

Bug Fixes

JIRA Integration

  • Selecting the JIRA issue ID link on qTest’s JIRA Widget will open the corresponding JIRA issue page.
  • When synchronizing JIRA Sub-tasks as qTest Requirements and organizing them in 2-level modules, the modules are titled correctly.

CI Integration

  • On the Test Run grid of a Test Suite, updating a Test Run will not remove the Build Number, Build URL, and CI Tool fields.


  • The retrieve projects API will return the correct accessible project list of the requesting user when using the access token generated by the new login API.
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