qTest 7.8.0 OnDemand Release Notes - June 16th, 2016

New Feature

Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration

This feature allows site administrators to integrate qTest with a SAML2 Identity Provider (IdP) and users to log in to qTest with their SSO credentials. This feature is available in our Enterprise and Elite editions.

  NOTE: For now, the integration with OKTA is officially supported.

To enable this feature, you will first need to configure the integration with your IdP.

  1. In Administration section, select tab Authentication Integration on the top navigation and then select SSO in the left pane
  2. You are required to enter the URL to your IdP metadata. Alternatively, you can upload an IdP metadata XML file from your local machine
  3. Switch on the Activation Status and then click on Save button

qTest - Admin - Authentication Integration - SSO Config

There are 3 ways to allow qTest users to log in with SSO credentials:

  1. Invite a new user: you are required to enter both qTest email and SSO username
  2. To allow an existing qTest user to log in with the SSO credentials:
    • Change the Authentication System to the integrated IdP
    • Then you are required to enter the corresponding SSO usernname
  3. To save effort, while configuring the integration, you can select option Create new account on qTest upon user's first login
    • If users log in to qTest for the first time, they are required to enter additional information to create qTest account before accessing qTest
    • If there has already been a qTest account with the same email, the user is allowed to merge with the qTest user. This is only applied with the emails we receive from the IdP. In case the user manually enter his email, he will not be able to merge

To log in with SSO credentials, on qTest Login page, click on Login with SSO button

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