An account can have some or many teams. You can manage Teams by viewing the Teams page. To access this page, hover over your username and then click on Teams. 

The list of teams you are an owner or member of will display in the list. If you are a Team owner, an edit button will be available for that team in the Action column. Click on the edit button to update any information about the team such as adding more members, projects, and integrations. 

Click the + Team button to create a new team. 

Create a New Team

To add a new team, access the Teams list and click the [+Team] button.

You will then be able to enter a team Name. The name must be unique across the account. After you enter the name, the new team is added successfully to the system, shown in edit mode so you can update other information such as adding members, projects as well as integrations. The creator will have Owner rights to the newly added team.

Edit a Team

To edit a team, click on Admin in the menu that is displayed when hovering over your username. Click the edit button to modify a Team.


The team name can be changed by inputting a new one in the Name field and then clicking the Save button. The new name must be unique to the account.


Members are users who belong to the team. Each member has one of the following roles: Owner, Member, and Api_user.

  • Owner: An Owner can access any work item and test case. This user can also manage other team users and projects, as well as manage integrations for the team. The creator of a Team is granted Owner role by default.
  • Member: A Member has the right to access any work item and test case of the team but cannot update Team information. 
  • API_user: An API_user has the right to read and write to the qTest Pulse API 

Members can be added to the team by searching for them by first name or email address. You can select a member by directly clicking on the user or by using the Up/Down key and then pressing Enter. 

If a member no longer belongs to the team, you can deactivate his / her account by pressing the Deactivate button. A deactivated member cannot access the team. After you click the Deactivate button, it is replaced by the Activate button. This function allows you to reactivate a previously deactivated user. 


This area lists projects that are synced from Jira and created manually. To edit a project, click the project name. To create a new project, click the [+ Project] button. 

Delete a Team

To delete a team, go to the team admin page by clicking on the in-line Edit button for the team you want to delete and click the Delete button. You must confirm the deletion before the team is permanently deleted.  


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