qTest 7.10.0 OnDemand Release Notes - August 15th, 2016

Plugin and Package Updates

It is highly recommended that you use the latest version of our plugins and packages:

  • qTest plugin for Bamboo - version 1.3.0
  • eggPlant Connector - version 1.1.0


JIRA Integration

Support setting up JIRA Integration in qTest using JIRA OAuth token

  1. On Add Connection dialog, after you have input the Server URL, click on Use JIRA OAuth
  2. Click on the Authorize URL
  3. Get the verification code
  4. Input verification code on the dialog and click Submit
  5. Username will be auto-filled with "apikey" and Password will be auto-filled with the OAuth token
  6. Test and save the connection
qTest - Project Settings - Integration Settings - Add Connection

eggPlant Integration

  • Support creating Test Cases in qTest from <testcase> tags in JUnit XML test logs. Specify this option using eachMethodAsTestCase key in
  • In, is deprecated. You can specify the result directories where test logs are located using
  • You are able to specify resuld directories using wildcards as below:
    • ? matches one character
    • * matches zero or more characters
    • ** matches zero or more 'directories' in a path

New Export Templates

We provide new options for you to download exported Excel files without cell merging. They would be helpful for you to generate your custom reports.

Bug Fixing

  • Bamboo Integration: support Bamboo projects with multiple branches
  • Automation Integration v2: Null Pointer Exception will not be thrown after a scheduled automation test starts while another test in progress
  • Copying text from objects' Properties section will not trigger "unsaved work" message
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