qTest 8.0.0 OnDemand Release Notes - September 19th, 2016


  • The Master token will be deprecated in our next release


Test Execution

  • On Data Query View of Create Test Run dialog, you are now able to share your saved queries so your team members can re-use them
    qTest - Test Execution - Add Test Run - Data Query View - Team  Queries
  • URLs in Test Log notes are clickable

Test Design

  • When moving or coying items to a shared Modules, qTest will not ask you to confirm if you want to share these items for the below cases. They will remain the same
    1. Test Cases are being moved or copied from shared Modules
    2. Modules being movied or copied are already shared

SSO integration

  • Integration with ADFS is officially supported. See these important notes when configuring the integration with your ADFS
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