Manager 8.1.5 to 8.4.4 Single Server Upgrade Guide for Windows

In this guide, we will run you through step by step to upgrade qTest Manager from v8.1.5 to v8.4.4 on a single Windows machine. Please go through the guide below thoroughly before starting your installations. 

Before you begin

Before you upgrade qTest Manager, make sure following things are done:

  • Your machine needs to satisfy qTest Manager's recommended hardware requirements
  • Please follow these instructions back up your data prior to the upgrade process
  • Upgrade your PostgreSQL DB server from v9.4 to v9.5 using these instructions.
  • Upgrade your Java JDK to v8
  • Prerequisite packages must be running prior to upgrading qTest
    • PostgreSQL v9.5

Upgrade qTest Manager

  1. Download qTest Manager's installation package here
  2. Once downloaded, double click on the installer to start the upgrade process. Click Next
    1 - Update process
  3. The installer will starts extracting files. After it has done extracting, you will be able to review your qTest Manager's configuration. You can edit any of them if needed
    2 - Install
  4. Configuration options: select Single instance
    3 - Config options
  5. Web server ports

    You can change the currently used ports by selecting Use custom ports. Simply enter the port numbers for each of the 4 port types

    4 - Ports
  6. Secured connection configuration
    5 - SSL
  7. Directory for attachments
    6 - Data dir
  8. Database configuration
    7 - DB config
  9. Integration database configuration
    8 - Poisedon config
  10. After you have done reviewing and modified qTest Manager's configuration, the installation wizard will start configuring the databases and qTest Manager service
    9 - Config qTest
  11. After this process is done, you will be directed to the final information screen, where you can review all the installed components and their settings
    10 - Complete
  12. You may want to access to your qTest Manager instance via browser to verify if the upgrade process completes successfully
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