Docker How to Change Configurations

Reconfigure Deployed Components

  1. Access the machine where the Docker Client has been installed through a user that was added to the Docker user group
  2. Access the directory where the deployment scripts are located (Eg: docker-deployment-x.x)
  3. Shut down the applications/components which were deployed in the Docker Host:
    $ cd docker-deployment-x.x
    $ ./shutdown
    $ ./weave stop
  4. Execute configure command and pass in the parameters to change the configurations. View available parameters here
  5. In order to change qTest / Sessions / qTest Insights port
    $ ./configure --qtest-url "[qTest URL]" --sessions-url "[Sessions URL]" --qtest-http [qTest http port] --qtest-https [qTest https port] --sessions-http [Sessions http port] --sessions-https [Sessions https port] --qmapweb-http [qTest Insights http port] --qmapweb-https [qTest Insights https port]

    For example:

    $ ./configure --qtest-url "" --sessions-url "" --qtest-http 80 --qtest-https 443 --sessions-http 8080 --sessions-https 8443 --qmapweb-http 7080 --qmapweb-https 7443
  6. In order to enable SSL certificate, run these commands:
  7. $ ./configure --qtest-url "[qTest URL]" --sessions-url "[Sessions URL]" --ssl-key "[path_key]" --ssl-cert "[path_cert]" --ssl-ca "[sign_cert]" 

    For example:

    $ ./configure --ssl-key "/etc/pki/tls/private/mydomain.key.pem" --ssl-cert "/etc/pki/tls/certs/mydomain.crt.pem" --ssl-ca "/etc/pki/tls/certs/ca.crt.pem" --qtest-url "" --sessions-url ""

    Then deploy Docker using the configuration:
    $ ./startup
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