Requirements and Test Design Folders


Modules contain Requirements or Test Cases. You can define Modules as groups of the same functional category of your product. The folders you create within the Requirements area will be created automatically in Test Design (and vice versa). Using the same folder structure for requirements and test cases allows you to organize both objects.

See this workaround to manage Requirements and Test Cases separately. 

Create Modules

To create new Modules, follow these steps:
Note: you need the Create Modules permission.

  1. Go to either the Requirements or Test Design menu.
  2. Select the Root page or any folder to contain a new Module.
  3. You can create a new Module using either of following options:
  • Select the Create Module icon on the top toolbar.
  • Right-click to select New >> New Module on the Modified Context Menu.
  • Press the Keyboard shortcut Shift + D.



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