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Pulse has two types of projects; one is synced from Jira and the other is created by users manually.

It depends on which team you are working on to decide what projects are available for you to use. Therefore, projects are listed under Team. So you need to view Team first if you want to access to projects of the team. 

To create your a new manually, you can use [+ Project] button. After you create a project, you configure project to synchronize with Jira. 

Create a New Project

You needs to specify the team you want to create a new project for it first by opening the team via User icon -> Profile option -> Teams tab. Next, open the team and click on [+ Project] button to open [Add New Project] modal 

At a very first stage of creating a new project, you are required to input a name for the new project only. After specifying a project, you can click Save button to submit your action. A new project with the provided name will be added in Projects list for the team.

Edit a Project

To edit a project, you need to navigate to the team that project belongs to first via user icon -> Profile option -> Teams tab then open the team by clicking on its name in Teams list. Next, click on project name to update any information of the project.

1. Project 

Project tab currently displays Name information only. The name is not disable to not allow users to change it.

2. Components

Components tab list components available for resources belonging to the project such as work items and test cases.

You can add more new components for the project by using [+ Components] button. Once the button is clicked, a component modal show up and you need to specify a component name only. The new component will be added to the bottom of Component list.

3. Sprints

Sprints tab displays the list of sprints the project has. Sprints can be created by users or synchronized from Jira.

To add a new sprint manually, you can user [+Sprint] button.

If the project you are editing is a synchronized one, its sprints are also synchronized as well and will be listed in this Sprints list.

4. Releases

Releases tab displays the list of releases the project has been launched to customers. Whenever a version is realeased, you can track it by create a new release for the project by using [+Release] button.

5. ALM Software

ALM Software tab displays integration information. Currently, Pulse integrate with Jira for resources only. The fields in this tab are enable for you to update or set up an integration. Please click here to see more how to set up a Jira integration.

6. Version Control

Version Control tab displays GitHub integration information. Please click here to see more details.

7. Rules

Rules tab is a place to define rules for the project



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