qTest Manager 8.3.4 OnDemand Release Notes - Feb 14, 2017

Enhancements - Updates

Users are locked after a number of failed login attempts

  • For security purposes users will be locked out after multiple failed login attempts. This function cannot be disabled
  • Site Administrators can modify the maximum number of failed login attempts in qTest Administration > Security 
  • Account Login Management

Associations between Sessions and other qTest objects are automatically created for traceability

  • If you link a Session with a Test Case, the Session is automatically linked with any Requirements linked to the Test Case.
  • If you execute a Test Run with a recorded Session (using Desktop or Web Explorer), the Session is automatically linked to the associated Test Case.

API update

Bug Fixing

  • 6620 - Exported files from qTest cannot be viewed with MS Excel
  • 7982 - Add Test Run dialog - Defect tab - Defects from JIRA cannot be sorted by their Status
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