Jira Integration with qTest Pulse

Jira Integration with qTest Pulse

qTest Pulse offers one of the tightest integrations with Jira Software in the industry.  

To communicate with Jira for resources such as projects, sprints, stories, bugs and tasks and so on, Pulse offers a very friendly feature for users to config the interaction. 

Connect with Jira in qTest Pulse

You need to have a Jira account and this account has administrator role so that it is authorized to access System page to config a webhook on Jira.

The Jira integration page on Pulse has following fields:

  1. Jira Project URL: The Jira link that you want to Pulse to connect to such as
  2. Jira Project User Username & Password: The credential can be accessed to the provided Jira URL
  3. Webhook: This link is automatically generated by Pulse and will be added to WebHook section in Jira.
  4. Project: The drop-down contains the list of projects available for the account on Jira. It is automatically displayed after the account provided to Username and Password field
  5. Save button: It is used to save the integration as well as synchronize resources

Add WebHook in Jira 

Most tools integrate with Jira through a polling API mechanism; however, this can cause delays and performance issues.  For a superior experience, qTest Pulse uses Jira Webhooks that are recommended by Atlassian as a lightweight mechanism for letting qTest Pulse receive push notifications from JIRA, without requiring polling.

Access Jira Administration Settings 

  1. Select Site Admin from the left panel. 
  2. Select System, and then choose WebHooks from the left panel. 

Configure WebHook in Jira

  1. Click [+ Create a WebHook]
  2. Flip Status to "Enabled"
  3. Insert qTest Pulse WebHook into the URL field
  4. Optional: Add description of WebHook
  5. Verify JQL of project key matches your synced Jira project with qTest Pulse
  6. Select the below checkboxes for the related events
  7. Click 'Save" button to save the integration as well as to trigger synchronizing resources from Jira to Pulse


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