qTest Manager 8.4.6 OnDemand Release Notes - May 24, 2017

New Feature

Audit Log

  • qTest Manager starts tracking some key events for security purposes starting from the date this feature was released (May 24, 2017).
  • The tracked events can be exported to csv file. For now, you will be able to export the following events:
    1. User login
    2. Failed user login
    3. View Explorer Web Session
    4. Export Explorer Web Session
    5. User session ended
  • Data in the Audit logs can be retained up to one year, starting from May 24, 2017 (the launch date of this new feature)

Bug Fixing

  • 9064 - API - Issue with querying Test Runs by Status
  • 8000 - UFT Integration - Issue with verifying the signature of SSL configuration for qTest Manager

Known Issue

  • When a user log in with his SSO account for the first time and merge it with an existing qTest Manager account, there will be 2 events logged: Failed user login (with the qTest Manager account) and User login (with the external account)
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